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KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey (2016)

25 March 2016 - Jean-Paul Bissen
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Market growth in emerging markets, especially in China, has long been the number one answer of executives about key trends for the next ten years. This year digitalization and connectivity have finally become number one on the strategic agenda until 2025, skyrocketing from #9 and #10 in the last two years.

To be successful, data generated by the car, the driver and other passengers in the car has to be informationally engineered: if not done by the automotive companies, someone will.

KMPG have interviewed 800 senior executives from the leading automotive companies, including automakers, suppliers, dealers, financial services providers, rental companies, mobility services providers and for the first time, ICT companies and 2.100 customers.

This survey is structured into three chapters:

- What kind of disruption we are talking about
- How to cope with the disruption and
- Who’s best prepared

Active in the automotive sector (conception, production and distribution) Fitch Bennett Partners wish you an interesting reading of this KPMG premium survey.

More information : KPMG_Automotive_survey_2016.pdf


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