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24 September 2018 - Jean-Paul Bissen
Categories: Business Trend

The nobler a man, the harder for him to suspect inferiority in others

Marcus Tullius Cicero


As a manager, are you prepared for the digital and VUCA *world?
Fitch Bennett offer you a free webinar and a discount on an Executive online course.

The digitalization and speed of change is not only chattering our business techniques but also our leadership habits. Leading today with the mindset of yesterday can be a recipe for disaster with too many things to do, increased stress levels and a decrease in impact.

But how can you change your leadership habits or mindset when your agenda is already so busy?

Murielle Machiels from Solvay Brussels School launched an online course “ Leading authentically in digital times ” that allows leaders to learn and practice whenever it suits them. You can discover this first Solvay Brussels School course here. The next edition starts early October and consists of 6 online modules of 4h.

She offers to Fitch Bennet friends a free one-hour webinar about this course and the new leadership skills on 28/9 at 12.30 or 4/10 at 18.00, explaining her own digital & personal transformation as a CEO of a media company. Fitch Bennett Partners offer you a €500 discount for this course (1500€ instead of 2000€), for registration confirmed before 5/10/2018. Contact us to register for the webinar and/or receive the discount for the online course!

* VUCA Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous.

KMPG 2018 Global Automotive Survey (GAES)

The KPMG 19th Global Automotive Executive Survey (GAES).clearly reveals that data remains one of the biggest challenges for the sector. The survey predicts that by 2030, the production of cars in Western Europe will fall from 16% to 5% of the worldwide production.

But for Belgium this prediction must be taken in perspective. Mobility expert Frank Vancamp: "The context for the two car manufacturers in Belgium is different. Both manufacturers have announced that their locations in Ghent and Forest will start producing electric and/or hybrid cars in the near future. The negative trend in Western Europe would not necessarily mean a similar evolution for the two manufacturers in our country."

Diesel continues to be popular addedFrank Vancamp: "The end of the diesel age is not immediately in sight yet, even though various policy makers and people in society have predicted it. In our country, the duties on diesel will continue to rise in comparison to petrol, of course, and diesel cars, while they are more expensive to buy, use less. With company cars, we are seeing that diesel is losing in popularity, but for people who need to travel long distances, it continues to be an interesting option."

More information : jpbissen@fitchbennettpartners.com

Jean-Paul Bissen - Serge Caustur - Gerald de Woot - Aad Vijfvinkel


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