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Fitch Bennett partners get an update on the Social Legislation in Europe, under the supervision of Stefan Nerinckx, partner Fieldfisher.

12 September 2019 - Jacques-Louis Soubirous
Categories: Business Trend

Stefan Nerinckx : https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefannerinckx
 FieldFisher : https://www.fieldfisher.com

In a domestic context, economic, technological and structural challenges are crucial, often compounded by the variety of legal and regulatory demands that exist in a given jurisdiction.

Human resources are impacted by the regulatory aspects in a world of increasing compliance stress.

Employment law is by excellence a local matter. So once companies expand their operations into international territories and become truly multinational, then labour and employment issues acquire an added layer of complexity, especially in terms of the unfamiliar and challenging regulatory environment that human resources and in-house lawyers are required to deal with.

Stefan Nerinckx, partner at Fieldfisher and lecturing at the University College of Brussels gave the  team Fitch Bennett a practical and enlightening overview on how to best structure international employment scenarios as to avoid at maximum legal issues afterwards.

Based on different cases, he made us aware of the do's and don’ts in international mobility situations.

Forewarned is forearmed !

Partners Benelux Jean-Paul Bissen-Serge Caustur-Aad Vijfvinkel 



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