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Engagez Vous ! Réflexions thématiques

Jean Bernard Babouram17-03-2016 11:42
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F aymonier29-10-2014 14:51
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Par Gaëlle Fleitour10-09-2014 11:14
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Jean-Bernard Babouram4-09-2014 8:02
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Quentin Périnel du Figaro17-07-2014 16:38
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f aymonier2-04-2014 11:10
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FITCH BENNETT Partners11-10-2013 10:31
Si des signes encourageants de reprise surgissent ça et là (croissance française visant les 2%, indice PMI Markit septembre du secteur privé montrant sa 1ère hausse en 19 mois, 1ères ventes d'Airbus à une compagnie japonaise en octobre 2013 etc.), certains groupes sont aujourd'hui au milieu de plans d'amélioration significatifs (transport aérien, automobile etc.) et d'autres n'ont probablement pas encore engagé toutes les mesures pour être prêt à repartir, allégés et renforcés.
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BCG Authors : Rainer Strack, Jean-Michel Caye, Vikram Bhalla, Peter Thollman, Carsten von der Linden, Pieter Haen and Horacio Quiros1-02-2013 15:23
Business leaders throughout the world continue to struggle with the complexities of a two-speed world: they face economic crisis in Europe and weak growth in the developed economies while also facing rapid growth in the developing world. Volatility and uncertainty have become the new constant. These realities create difficult people-management challenges that range from keeping up with supply-and-demand fluctuations to ensuring an adequate talent pipeline for the future.
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Rob Cross and Jon Katzenbach - Strategy & Business1-02-2013 15:10
Think of the top teams you’ve known that have had the greatest impact. Did their value come from the meetings they conducted and the decisions they made together? Or did it derive from something else? In most companies, the phrase top team is a misnomer. Senior executives throughout the company may clamor for a seat on the leadership committee because that is where the key strategic decisions are supposedly made.
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Michael Bloch and Paul Willmot1-02-2013 14:16
It’s critical to get a good start when stepping into the CIO role. Consider several measures when you shape your course.

The early months of a chief information officer’s tenure are an extremely important time to learn about a company’s culture and critical issues, shape an agenda for change, build relations with peers and senior leaders, and make decisions - on people, funding, and other matters - that will provide a solid foundation for the future.

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