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Aquitaine is characterized by its diversity: cutting-edge sectors with strong technological integration (aeronautics, chemicals, automotive, electronics).


The aeronautics and space construction sector (excluding defense) plays a predominant role.

The economic weight of the Bordeaux’s region.

It is the world’s leading region for appellation contrôlée wines, also the leading agricultural region in France, with more than 80% of French production of sweet corn and prune plums and more than half of kiwi and hazelnuts.

But also the first cultivated forest in Europe and the first wooded region in France.

The recruitment market in Bordeaux

In Aquitaine, seaside tourism is ahead of domestic, historical and cultural tourism in terms of attendance.

Company creation is one of the strengths of its economy, ranking fourth among French regions in terms of the rate of creation.


Since the Bordeaux metropolitan area was labeled French Tech, the digital sector has kept growing, attracting more and more companies. The digital job market represents 25,000 jobs in the region.

Today, thanks to the label, the city’s ecosystem gathers 600 digital players, 20 support structures, 25 hubs, 110,000 students from 40 different schools.


Cdiscount, Ubisoft, Betclic and OVH are betting on the Bordeaux region for its digital appeal.

On the scale of metropolitan areas, Bordeaux wins the prize for dynamism, a real locomotive that clearly pulls the region.


Our firm operates in Bordeaux and its region, our consultants maintain privileged relationships with business leaders in all sectors of activity.


We strive to fully understand the issues faced by local companies, as well as the specificities of the markets in which they operate.


We provide job seekers with all our experience and counseling to better understand their careers.

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