The main mission of the Human Resources Director is to implement the Human Resources policy resulting from the company’s strategic orientations.

This policy can be decomposed into 3 main areas:

-HR development (recruitment, integration, training, mobility, compensation)

-Employees administration and management, HR information systems

-Collective and individual social relations with IRPs


The Director leads and ensures changes in terms of organization, assistance and development of resources within all the structures for which he/she is responsible.


As such, its missions are the following:

-To be guarantor and responsible for recruitment, training, HRIS/payroll, social data and social relations.


-To provide counsel to operational staff in all strategic organizational and development dimensions that impact on Men/Women management;

-To coordinate social relations by promoting the overall consistency of the rules of the labor code, the dissemination of a common social culture, the establishment of a social dialogue and Social Relations in CSE (social and economic committee).

-To manage autonomously all individual disciplinary matters;

-To manage and guarantee reporting (disciplinary, mission, mobility, fixed-term contracts…) as well as HR performance indicators;

-To identify and follow talents (People Review, individual development plan…) recruitment, integration;

-To elaborate and participate in strategic reflections;

-To manage an HR team;

-To train, accompany, federate and develop employees’ skills, guarantee equity through the remuneration policy;

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Group HR Director


or operational HR Director


of social relations


of training and HR development

HR Manager

HRIS Manager


of staff administration and payroll.


of remuneration and benefits

(comp and ben)

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