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Why choose Fitch Bennett for your recruitment in Reims?

FITCH BENNETT Partners has been operating in the Reims region for more than fifteen years.

With consultants who have held major operational responsibilities in some of the finest Champagne houses. Our partners have a very good understanding of the recruitment issues faced by companies in Reims in the context of their development and are able to provide the appropriate solutions.

Analysis of the recruitment market in Reims:

With a population of approximately 182,000 inhabitants at the beginning of 2020, Reims has a unique historical dimension. While it intends to enhance its heritage, it also does not skimp on means when it comes to attracting new investors.


The Bioeconomy Capital:

To the general public’s mind, Reims is frequently associated with Champagne alone. That said, the Cité des Sacres is generally an area of innovation in the bio-economy. This discipline covers all the economic activities inherent in the production and transformation of renewable biological resources.


Professionals wishing to start an adventure in this field or pursue their development can either set down their suitcases at the “Industries and agro-resources” world competitiveness pole in the North-East of the commune or join a much more recent park, the Reims Bio Economy Park, created in 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with the Urban Community of Greater Reims.


The back-office sector and poles of excellence:

Among the other sectors and poles of excellence that are doing well in the Greater Rémoise area, there is the back-office, where some of its representatives are from the banking and insurance sectors (BPCE, HSBC, etc.) and IT (PRODWARE, LEBONCOIN, IBM, etc.).

In addition, more or less important companies in the fields of luxury, aeronautics or logistics prosper on the territory.


A valued heritage and local residents mobilized by the community

How to develop its attractiveness to companies? There are no better ambassadors than its own inhabitants, so the public authorities wanted to strengthen their sense of belonging to their territory, which has been the subject of a major revaluation.


The impact of the Grand-East TGV.

While the people of Reims enjoy advantageous local mobility, they can also reach Paris in only three-quarters of an hour thanks to the East-European TGV high-speed train. The local economic fallout from this infrastructure is estimated at 670 million euros.


The Grand Reims Centre Project works

In 2015, the local authorities initiated the Reims Grand Centre project, aimed at redesigning the heart of the city for the trifle of 75 million euros of investment. Promenades have been redesigned and the forecourt of the town hall has been modernized. Various other projects have enabled the city to strengthen its attractiveness as a tourist destination.

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