banking, finance and insurance

Modernizing or facing the risk of being overtaken or even disappearing.

This is the challenge for these two businesses, shaken by a multifaceted shock.

The challenge of digital, big data and the arrival of new competitors.

Finally, the explosion of risks, whether natural (global warming and the multiplication of natural disasters, pandemics), criminal (dirty money, cyber-attacks) or economic. Not to mention the regulatory constraints (Basel III for bankers, Solvency II for insurers) which must also deal with a rather worrying context of low rates.


The human and financial stakes are very high:

In France, bankers and insurers employ nearly 500,000 people and manage around €5.4 trillion in assets, the equivalent of twice France’s GDP in 2020.


To compensate for the losses caused by the lasting collapse in interest rates, they therefore have no choice but to develop the profitability of their services.

To take up these challenges, FITCH BENNETT Partners offers counsel on identifying and developing their talent, recruiting new talent and providing transition managers specialized in the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector.


Banking jobs:

  • – Support Functions: Inspector, Internal Controller, Compliance Officer, Banking Regulatory Accounting Jobs, Standards and Procedures Manager, Consolidator, Management Controller, ALM Manager, Treasurer/Marketing, Human Resources, Credit Analysis, Project Management.
  • – Processing professions: Unit Manager or Expert dealing with banking operations, IT and organizational project manager.
  • Front Office, Middle Office and Experts in Financing and Investment Banking
  • Corporate Finance :M&AStructured Finance Manager, Securitization, Senior Banker,
  • Equity Markets: Sales, Trader, Broker, Originator, Analysis/Research, Engineer/Structurer,
  • Quant Asset Management: Manager, Buy-sideAnalyst, Financial Engineer, Management Assistant,
  • Private Equity: Business Manager / Investment Director.


Insurance jobs:

  • Techniques:Manager, Technical Manager, Actuarialist, Prevention Manager, Chief Risk Officer, Risk Manager, Subscription manager, Experts.
  • Commercial &Marketing:Commercial Manager, Development Manager, Inspection, Network Animator, Training, Marketing Transversal Management: Audit, Compliance and Internal Control Manager, Consolidation, Finance Department, Control Manager, Accounting, Treasury, ALM Manager, Project Manager, Chief of Information Systems

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