Recruitment firm in the Consumer Goods sector

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In a context marked by the slowdown in consumption in mature markets: Manufacturers of consumer goods are facing a series of new challenges.

Consumer Goods Market Assessment

The crisis has profoundly changed consumer behavior. Increasingly digital, consumers are also becoming less loyal and more opportunistic: How to create value in this universe? At the same time, the rise of the Internet:

Especially mobile, is disrupting purchasing processes, both as a sales channel and as a means of providing information on products and prices. The Internet and social networks are also having an impact on communication. How to optimize the driving forces in the face of this range of channels?


Similarly, distribution channels are changing rapidly:

The hypermarket format continues to suffer, the growth of hard discount seems to be marking time, other channels are on the rise, such as the “Drive”, convenience stores … How to position oneself on these channels to become essential? How to approach negotiations with distributors?


Faced with pressure on their margins, consumer goods manufacturers also need to streamline their cost structure. How can the value chain be optimized?

Our advice on recruitment in the consumer goods sector

To meet these challenges, FITCH BENNETT Partners offers its expertise in identifying and developing their talent, recruiting new talents and providing transition managers specialized in the consumer goods sector.

General Management:

CEO, Managing Director, General Secretary, Business Unit Director, Country Manager, Subsidiary Director,



Marketing and Communication VP, Marketing Director, Communications Director, Communications Department, Press and Public Relations Director, Marketing Group Manager, Marketing Research Director, Brand Manager,


Commercial :

sales VP, Commercial Director, Business Developper, Key Account Director, Network Director, Customer Director, Partnership Manager, Business Engineer, Channel Manager,



E-trade Director, Chief Digital Officer, Traffic Manager,…


Information and Digital Systems:

CTO, IS and digital Director, IT Project Director, Business Applications Director, Technical Director, IT Project Managers,…


Customer Relationship :

Customer Service Director, Call Center Manager, Customer Strategy Manager,



Administrative and Financial Director, Management Controller, Consolidator, Credit Manager, Administrative and Financial Manager, Accounting Manager, Treasurer,…


Human Resources:

HR VP, HR Director, Recruitment Director, Talent Development Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Training Director, HRIS Manager,



Industrial Strategy Director, R&D Director, Industrial Director, Factory Director, Quality Director, Methods Director, Maintenance Manager, Autonomous Production Unit Manager,


Supply Chain:

Supply Chain Director, Logistics Manager, Study Project Manager, Sales Forecast Manager,…



Sourcing VP, Purchasing Director, Segment Leader, SQA Manager.

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