green blue economy

The green economy is one that leads to improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and resource scarcity.


Key sectors are going to undergo a significant transformation in their organization and in their professions (source: International Labour Organization) such as: agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy, resource-intensive manufacturing, recycling, construction, transportation.

Evolution of the green économie and their jobs.

The impact on employment will be significant: the green economy will create new jobs, it will require new skills for traditional trades and will change the hierarchy of professions that are recruiting. Most jobs related to the green economy are found in many sectors of the economy. They contribute to reducing energy, raw material and water consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing or avoiding all forms of waste and pollution, and protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity.


In 2019, more than half of the “environment” offers published concern the prevention and treatment of pollution, nuisances and risks, and human protection, hygiene, health and safety jobs. The first mainly cover water or soil treatment and waste management, but also research into clean technologies to reduce the impact of businesses and the management of industrial risks.

The second cover the monitoring of food quality or environment-health links and everything related to CSR in terms of QHSE. Then come the jobs in territorial planning and living environment (infrastructure construction, maintenance of green spaces) and the jobs in energy management and renewable energies, which also include the jobs in energy management of buildings. The professions of societal management of the environment represent 10% of the offers.

These are mainly jobs designed to raise awareness of environmental issues and jobs providing economic, legislative and legal knowledge, to which are added jobs dedicated to the circular economy.


Finally, the last category covers the jobs of nature protection, management and study of environments and ecological balances generally provided by government services or specialized associations.


Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Director QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment), Risk Manager, Environmental Director, Director of e

Environmental Quality, Environmental Risk Protection Director.

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