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Fitch Bennett Partners, is a firm specialized for more than 15 years in headhunting in the Luxury sector. Our Partners also focus on helping talented men and women build their careers and identify job opportunities in the luxury goods industry: perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, watches and jewelry, leather goods and retail.


Our references in recruitment and Human Resources consulting are based on a solid operational experience in the evolution of organizations and professions in the Luxury Goods and Cosmetics sectors.


Fitch Bennett Partners headhunter in the Luxury sector, accompanies its Clients in their international development by putting at their disposal its network of partners, specialists in direct approach with whom we have been working for more than 15 years.


Luxury headhunter, looking for talented men and women.

Our areas of activity:

In full expansion over recent years, this segment still offers good margins for growth, for players positioned around three key elements: skincare, the Asian market and digital.


Skincare is indeed the most promising high-end category, accounting for 40% of the entire market, followed by make-up (30%). Geographically, 43% of sales are generated in the Asia-Pacific region, versus 30% in North America and 24% in Europe. Finally, the online sales channel accounted for 23% of sales in Asia fin 2019 (versus 14% worldwide) and has since exploded.


These key growth drivers will become even more strategic given the looming global economic contraction. China, which was the first country to deconfine its population, is already leading the recovery. Chinese consumers should consolidate their crucial role in this market in the coming years.



Our approach is based on providing our Clients with:


  • Experienced consultants and a proven direct approach methodology,
  • Firm’s specialization and knowledge of the Luxury Goods sector: leather goods, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, wines, Champagne and spirits.
  • The guarantee of a professional service and its respect of high standards.
  • Firm’s ability to present a diverse list of candidates.
  • More than 15 years of international recruitment.


The positions sought after:

General manager, subsidiary manager, business unit manager, Brand manager, House manager, sales manager, marketing & communication manager, e-trade manager, category manager, public relations and press manager, sales network manager, flagship manager, supply chain manager, purchasing manager, financial manager, payment methods and electronic banking manager, human resources manager, legal manager, information systems and digital manager.

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