The retail world has been in full swing for several years in France and Europe, but especially since 2020. Physical Retail is becoming “Phygital”, the Customer Experience must be unique but effective, the Product must make sense, employees must be involved and Operational Excellence must be at all times.


The store is now considered an entry point to the Web. It allows the discovery of the brand, its products, its DNA and makes the link with the website, collecting as much data as possible to better target its customers. It is also the birth of the “Magic store” (so fluid that payment is extra easy). The gadget technology is abandoned in favor of a fluid and performing Retail (store layout, customer path, global atmosphere…).


Retailers” go back to the basics of the business: team management and understanding of strategic issues, return to service, product knowledge, complementarity with digital and its tools (Omnicanality and Multicanality are essential).

Commercial performance is achieved in less favorable traffic contexts.

Field management is appreciated.


The customer relationship becomes strategic to seduce increasingly volatile, well-informed consumers, questioning yesterday’s certainties. Brand ambassadors, “Personal stylists” are there to attract the “Phygital Generation” in the points of sale and in the transformation of the purchasing act.


New sustainable trends are emerging: the sale of second-hand items will represent one and a half times that of Fast Fashion in 2025, the second life of luxury items will be alongside the sale of new luxury products …


All these new stakes must be taken into account in the recruitment of Retail Talents. Fitch Bennett Partners accompanies you in the Luxury, Fashion and Selective Retailing sectors on the search for:



  •  Subsidiaries Manager


  • Commercial Manager


  •  Retail & Wholesale Manager


  •  Outlet Manager


  • Travel Retail Manager


  •  de Flagship Manager


  • Direction E-Com Manager


  •  Customer Service Manager


  •  Merchandising Manager


  •  Training Manager


  • Architecture & Design of Points of Sale Manager ….

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