strasbourg region

Indisputably European with the official headquarters of the Parliament, located in the heart of the European market of 300 million consumers, Strasbourg is developing a powerful economic and entrepreneurial dynamic, creating value, jobs and wealth.


Strasbourg is an area of foreign investment, mainly Belgian, German, American and Danish capital.

The medical technologies, labeled French tech, concentrate a formidable potential of research, industrialists and start-ups. The future of medicine is partly played out in Strasbourg!


Creative activities (design, digital, publishing, arts and crafts) also have wonderful synergies and potential for growth and jobs in the region.


The dominant economic activities of the Grand Est Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine region are agriculture and industry.


Its industry employs regional employees, mainly in the automotive, metallurgy, textile and machine manufacturing industries.


The regional food sector is a leader in the manufacture of beverages thanks to its Champagne and Alsace wines and mineral waters. It thus contributes, as do the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.


Frenchtech is redirecting jobs towards high added value services and the industry of the future. Research & Development is supported by five universities, six competitive poles and private research organizations and centers.

Finally, the variety and richness of the historical and natural heritage give the tourism sector assets throughout the region.


Fitch Bennett Partners assists its partners in Industry, Services and Transport in order to respond to their issues in terms of Recruitment, evaluation, Internal Mobility…


In Alsace, our consultants work with major players in the daily press.


In Champagne, we accompany the emblematic houses in the recruitment of their talents (employer brand, direct approach, assesment center, integration policy…) until their integration.

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