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Fitch Bennett Partners specialises in Finance headhunting. Our skills-hunting expertise, combined with our professional experience mean we can help companies and financial institutions search for managers and experts.
Finance Headhunters: on the lookout for new financial profiles.
The consequences of the 2008 recession and its international repercussions have had a considerable impact on companies’ cash and medium- or long-term financing needs due to declining investments.

During this period, the regulatory and legal landscape has changed and become more complex, resulting in more stringent procedures and closer monitoring of organisations and professions. In addition to this is the increasingly prominent role of risk management, and the growing involvement of Finance and Accounting in companies’ development strategies: all these factors have brought about a new approach to finance and accounting in companies.

All these changes have forced financial and accounting organisations and professions to adapt: Financial Controllers, Auditors, Chief Financial Officers, Treasurers, Head of Accounts, Tax Accountants, Consolidation Accountants, etc. – and new jobs are emerging: Head of Accounting Standards, Head of Financial Communications, Risk Managers and Functional Finance Consultants.

The role of Financial and Accounting managers and directors is becoming more and more about monitoring, reporting, analysing and formatting increasingly abundant and complex information but that is necessary to enlighten and alert Management when implementing its strategy. Finance departments have to report useful, relevant information to Management and the shareholders, support the operational departments and inform investors and creditors of the company’s financial health.
Fitch Bennett Partners specialises in headhunting in the finance profession and guides its clients and candidates through these economic changes.
Finance headhunters: Fitch Bennett Partners addresses your recruitment needs for financial, managerial and expert roles.

Fitch Bennett Partners’ team specialise in searching for financial managers and experts via direct approach. They help companies develop their Financial and Accounting organisation thanks to a network of talented men and women and a tried-and-tested search methodology for targeted profiles.

The partnership we’ve built up with clients is based on sound advice, a dedicated team of headhunters, high-quality human resources candidates, our assessment capabilities and our valuable recommendations. We are also particularly attentive to obtaining references and ensuring a successful integration period.

Fitch Bennett Partners, a specialist Finance headhunter, covers a wide range of Finance roles: Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers, Treasury and Financing Managers, Treasurers, Financial Control Directors, Financial Controllers, Auditors, Consolidation Accountants, Risk Managers, Corporate Finance and Accounting Managers.
Fitch Bennett Partners, a Banking, Finance and Insurance recruitment firm.
As a headhunter specialising in Finance, Fitch Bennett Partners benefits from solid knowhow in the following sectors:
Central departments and support functions: Financial departments, ongoing and periodical monitoring, Financial Communication, Compliance, Legal and fiscal, Marketing, Human Resources, Risk Management, IT.
Retail Banking and Specialist Financial Services: Sales Network Department, Business centres, Asset management.
Insurance, Health insurance, accidental death insurance and insurance brokerage: Actuarial Services, Underwriting, Claims, Network management.
Asset management and Investor Services: Asset management, Sales, Private Equity.
In addition to a sound understanding of the professions and their changes, our consultants have built up a thorough knowledge of the communities of professionals they work with and keep constantly up to date with the latest trends in the sector and its environment, which strengthens our consulting capabilities. Certain financial institutions are also interested in our ability to assist them in recruiting key positions.

Thanks to our rigorous methods for vetting candidates for the purposes of recruitment or internal mobility, we guarantee our clients we’ll find the right profile and guarantee our candidates a successful integration.

Executive Search Paris

Fitch Bennett Partners is a Paris-based executive search firm. We stand out from other firms thanks to our twofold approach:

• Skills-hunting
• Career-building