Human Resources Headhunters

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Human Resources Headhunters

Fitch Bennett Partners is an executive search firm based in Paris. We stand out from other firms thanks to our twofold approach:

• Skills-hunting,
• Career-building.

Human Resources Headhunters
Fitch Bennett Partners specialises in headhunting for human resources talents. Our skills-hunting expertise combined with our experience working in companies in the French and English-speaking world mean we can assist organisations look for Human Resources managers and experts.

Through our background in HR roles with large companies, combined with our experience running key projects in a variety of activities in France and overseas, we’ve built up a network of best-of-class talents who share the same values and standards in terms of human resources positions, and whom we help with their career progression.

The next few years will be full of valuable lessons for human resources professions: HR departments will have to keep pace with advances in new technologies (Digital Human Resources) and the resulting organisational and managerial changes. Fitch Bennett Partners helps HR departments change their HR business model, professions and improve their teams’ performance.
Fitch Bennett Partners: a network of talented human resources experts.
The members of FITCH BENNETT Partners’ team specialise in finding human resources managers and experts by direct approach. They help companies develop their organisation and find targeted human resource profiles.

The partnership we’ve built up with clients is based on sound advice, a dedicated team of headhunters, high-quality human resources candidates, our assessment capabilities and our valuable recommendations. We are also particularly attentive to obtaining references and ensuring a successful integration period.

Fitch Bennett Partners, a recruitment firm specialising in Human Resources, covers a wide range of HR roles: VP HR, Human Resources Director, Country Human Resources Director, HR Regional Manager, HR Business Partner, Social Affairs Manager, Head of HR & Career Management, Human Resources Manager, Recruitment Manager, Talent Development Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Head of International Mobility, Payroll and Staff Administration Manager, HRIS Manager, Training Manager, Internal Communications Manager, Employment Law Legal Counsel, Human Resources Financial Controller, Human Resources Project Manager.