Direct approach recruitment firm

A direct approach recruitment firm, Fitch Bennett Partners has a twofold approach as skills-hunters and career-builders to offer the right methodology for our client companies and the right support service for candidates who come to us.

A direct approach recruitment firm: Fitch Bennett Partners.

Our team has the requisite insights, discretion, techniques and reasoning to convince candidates who aren’t actively looking for new job opportunities.
Direct approach is essential and selective when potential candidates are either scarce or much sought-after.
Direct approach means you can target company leaders and C-level executives, as well as specialist professions with specific expertise that’s hard to find on the job market.

A direct approach recruitment firm, Fitch Bennett Partners addresses your recruitment needs in France and overseas.

Fitch Bennett Partners operates in the hidden job market. Our search team are experts in approaching passive candidates who are either employed or in the process of reorienting their career. Fitch Bennett Partners has access to modern sourcing tools and benefits from optimal knowledge of the ecosystem, the latest trends, the companies within it, their organisation charts, target profiles and their experience.
Senior Management: Managing Director, CEO, Company Secretary, Business Unit Director, Country Manager, Subsidiary manager.
Marketing: VP Marketing & Communications, Marketing Director, Communications Director, Communications, Press and PR Director, Marketing Group Leader, Market Research Director, Brand Manager,
Sales: VP Sales, Sales Director, Business Developer, Key Account Manager, B2C Director, B2B Director, Network Director, Account Director, Head of Partnerships, Account Manager, Channel Manager,
Digital: Digital Director, Chief Digital Officer, Traffic Manager, Monetization Manager,
Technique: CTO, DSI, IT Project Director
Customer Relations: Customer Service Director, Call Centre Manager, Customer Strategy Manager
Finance: Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, Consolidation Accountant, Credit Manager, Finance Manager, Accounting Manager.
Human Resources: HR VP, HR Director, Recruitment Director, Talent Development Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Training Director, HRIS Manager,
Manufacturing: Industrial Strategy Director, Industrial Director, Plant Manager, Head of Quality, Director of Methods, Maintenance Manager, Autonomous Production Unit Manager.
Supply Chain: Supply Chain Director, Logistics Manager, Research Project Director.
Purchasing: Sourcing VP, Purchasing Director, Regional Commodity Manager, Segment Leader, SQA Manager.

Our understanding of organisational, economic and intercultural issues and our close ties with company decision-makers enable us to offer expert direct approach recruitment services to help organisations identify the best profiles and potentials.

Fitch Bennett Partners are direct approach specialists.

Fitch Bennett Partners’ Associates and Partners all have a corporate background in the very industry sectors we operate in.
As a direct approach recruitment firm, Fitch Bennett Partners and its French and international teams aim to help talented men and women build their careers and detect job opportunities.
We have a solid track record in multi-industry direct approach recruiting in France and overseas.

A direct approach recruitment firm, Fitch Bennett Partners helps companies search for talents with the utmost transparency, discretion and confidentiality.

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