Confidentiality and protection of data privacy

§ 1. CONFIDENTIALITY : Each Party shall maintain confidential the Agreement and any data, information and documents that may be provided to it by the other Party or coming to itsknowledge during the performance of the Agreement. Such data, information and documents shall only by used for the exclusive performance of the Agreement; The parties shall take all necessary measures in order to comply with the provisions above mentioned and shall imposethem to their employees and possible subcontractors. It is agreed that the Patries shall ensure that any subcontractor shall present the same level of guarantees and protections in order to comply with the provisions of the present article.

§ 2. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA : For the purposes of the clause,  the terms (hereinafter the "GDPR"). Fitch Bennett Partners undertakes to document in writing its possible instructions to the custumer on the processing of personal data that it would provide to the custumer. Fitch Bennet Partners undertakes to respect, upstream and throughout the duration of the processing of personal data,  set by the GDPR as far as it is directly relevant. As part of the execution of the mandate, the Customer agrees to comply with the obligatins set by the GDPR in relation to the processing of personal data. The customer undertakes to process the personal data that will be communicated to him by Fitch Bennett partners solely for the purpose of executif this mandate. The customer agrees to : 

  • Only take copies of the documents and information materials (including personal data) entrusted to it for the purpose of execting this mandate.
  • Do not use the documents and information processed for purposes other than those specified in the mandate.
  • Do not disclose these documents or information to other people, whether private or public, physical or legal.
  • Take all measures to avoid any misuse or fraudulent use of computer files during the execution of the mandate, and take all security measures, including material, technical and organizational, to ensure the preservation and integrity of documents and information (including personal data) processed during the term of office.

Each of the parties will be reponsible for the storage and destruction of personal data in accordance with the framework authorized by the GDPR and for its own purposes.

Each party undertakes to take all necessary precautions to preserve the security and confidentiality of the information provides by the other party for the purposes of this mandate and in particular to prevent them from being distortde, damaged or communicated to other parties; Unauthorized persons, in accordance with the GDPR and corresponding articles of the amended January 1978 Act.

Each party undertakes as necessary to communicate to the other party the contact details of the person responsible for the management of personal data, who will fulfill the role of data protection officer if he has designated one.

Each party undertakesas necessary to keep at the disposal of the other party all the information and documents necessary to demo, strate compliance with the obligations set out in the mandate in terms of compliance with the law applicable to personal data undertakes to accede to all reasonable requests made by the other party to verify compliance with the obligations imposed by this article. Yhe parties agree that the personal data processed under the mandate will not be transferred outside the European Union. Nevertheless, in the event that either party makes such transfers, it undertakes to inform the other party.