LATAM situation analysis: Mexico, Chile and Mexico

By: Miguel Valdivieso 21-05-2015

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Curent situation

The pace of economic expansion in Latin America will be more modest than in the last five years. The predictions for GDP growth indicate a slight recovery in 2015, up to 2.0%-2.5%. External factors, such as a drop in the prices of raw materials, mainly due to the economic slowdown in China, as well as the increased cost of external financing and more modest prospects for capital inflows are contributing factors to this slowdown process. The heterogeneity of differing growth models is still present in the region, and has to do, in part, with different strategies of economic management; these projections illustrate the end of a decade of higher economic growth in Latin America compared with the OECD average.

Latam Situation analysis : LATAM_2015_-_Mexico,_Chile_and_Brazil_.pdf