Career management: Your consulting firm for coaching, assessment and outplacement

The Career Management division’s mission is to support executives and managers at every stage of their career. Our consulting firm specializes in executive coaching, assessment and outplacement, and stands out for its professional approach and innovative solutions.

Our added value in career management for executives and managers: 

We combine the human expertise of our certified coaches with the latest technologies to provide in-depth, personalized assessments, enabling executives and managers to develop their leadership skills effectively.

Our personalized approach, based on active listening and understanding of each individual’s specific needs


enables us to accompany our clients in their professional development, career evolution and success as leaders.

As such, our mission is to deliver sustainable career development for the executives and managers who place their trust in us.

Our 3 methods for career management: 

Fitch Bennett Partners methodology: Sustainable career development

Once the priority project has been defined, we put in place a truly customized search strategy, a communication and prospecting plan, using the latest techniques in service marketing, digital marketing and personal branding.

Over the course of the coaching process, we may need to conduct specific personal development coaching sessions. Thus, our aim may be to remove blockages or beliefs, manage stress or prepare for a future interview or professional situation.


As an outplacement and coaching firm, our outplacement services include regular follow-up by a certified coach (3 sessions of 2 hours per month on average) for the duration of the support provided (6, 9, 12 or 18 months), access to databases of companies and recruitment or interim management firms, access to a job vacancy aggregator, online business press, online personality testing tools (MBTI, DISC and others) and, finally, the possibility of reserving a transit office on request.

Our clients can also benefit from:

1. The Firm’s knowledge of the hidden market for managers and executives, offering advice and effective methods to help candidates stand out in the job market,

2. Synergy between our recruitment, interim management and outplacement divisions to offer integrated, complementary solutions,

3. And its international presence for projects abroad. 

As part of our Fitch Bennett Partners client club, people undergoing outplacement can take part in various workshops and conferences. Once our customers have found a new job, we continue to support them. And for the duration of the outplacement contract, we provide them with job coaching. Our mission is to provide sustainable career development for our customers.

Our expert says it best…

Career management is the future.

Today, Jean-Philippe Ménétret assists executives and managers at every stage of their careers, from personal development to career assessment, evaluation, career development or transition, taking up a new position or starting a new business. Since its creation, he has also headed the Career Management Department of Fitch Bennett Partners.





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