CSR recruitment firm: Positive impact jobs and the Green Blue Economy

The green economy, also known as the “green blue economy”, is undergoing a major transformation that is creating both challenges and opportunities in terms of recruitment. This ecological transition is leading to the emergence of new professions and requiring the development of new skills.

These include jobs in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). FITCH BENNETT Partners has developed genuine expertise in the recruitment of new green economy professions by direct approach, both in France and internationally, and in successfully integrating them. Fitch Bennett Partners also provides company directors with experienced interim managers to carry out the transformations expected by the markets in this field.

The stakes of green jobs and our expertise in CSR recruitment

With the rise of the green economy, strategic sectors will undergo a major transformation in their organization and their professions (source: International Labour Organization). 

Consider, for example, agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy, resource-intensive manufacturing, recycling, construction and transport.

New green jobs and recruitment

The green economy sector is witnessing the emergence of new roles such as renewable energy engineer, energy efficiency specialist, biodiversity manager or circular economy project manager. These professions require specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of environmental issues.

To remain attractive and retain their talents, companies must now take into account the new requirements of candidates. For example, they need to share a real commitment to sustainability and social equity, and by giving significant credit to diversity and inclusion, stimulate innovation and improve performance. In the future, recruitment in the green economy will require a thorough understanding of these issues and a proactive strategy to address them.

Practices covered by our professionals specializing in CSR

Sustainable Development Department

Risk Protection

Quality Safety Environment Manager

Risk Manager

Environmental Manager

Biodiversity Department

Renewable Energies Department

Corporate Social Responsibility Department

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