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The luxury sector is currently undergoing a metamorphosis, driven by the changing behavior of new generations, the emergence of new markets, particularly in Asia, and technological innovations. Fitch Bennett Partners specializes in headhunting in the luxury sector. Our Partners also aim to help talented men and women build their careers and identify job opportunities in the world of luxury goods: perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, watches and jewelry, leather goods and retail. Indeed, our recruitment and HR consulting credentials are backed by solid operational experience in the evolution of organizations and professions in the luxury goods and cosmetics sectors.

The stakes in this business sector

As a world leader in fashion and luxury goods, France is home to a multitude of companies and businesses. We noted several challenges. Digitalization is a major stake for luxury brands, which must rethink their digital strategy to offer a high-end customer experience while preserving their unique and exclusive character.

CSR is also becoming a priority, responding to growing consumer concerns about ethics and the environment.

They oblige brands to offer responsible products without compromising their quality or aesthetics. In this context, consumer commitment, facilitated by the rise of social networks, has become indispensable.

Finally, talent management is crucial to the long-term success of luxury brands, especially as the skills required are changing, with increasing importance being attached to digital expertise, sustainability management and cultural intelligence.

Fitch Bennett Partners, specialist in luxury and cosmetics recruitment

To meet these challenges, luxury brands need a clear strategic vision, strong leadership, successful implementation and the ability to adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment.

Fitch Bennett Partners specializes in headhunting in the luxury sector in France and abroad. We also provide experienced business leaders and interim managers to help them develop their competitive edge.

Our approach is based on providing our customers with:

Practices covered by our professionals specializing in the luxury and cosmetics sectors

General Management

Press Relations & Influence Management

Retail Department

Ecommerce & Growth Department

Digital & Crm Management

Sales Department

Marketing Department

Metaverse BU Management

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