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The consumer sector is a constantly evolving field, impacted by demographic changes, technological trends, economic fluctuations and new societal norms. This creates a unique set of recruitment challenges and opportunities.

Fitch Bennett Partners advises and supports consumer goods companies in the search, promotion and selection of key profiles capable of ensuring the leadership of transformations and their success in France and internationally. Fitch Bennett Partners also provides business leaders with experienced interim managers to develop their competitiveness.

Les enjeux des métiers verts et notre expertise dans le recrutement RSE

Avec l’essor de l’économie verte, des secteurs stratégiques vont connaître une transformation importante dans leur organisation et dans leurs métiers (source Organisation internationale du travail). 

Prenons pour exemple : l’agriculture, l’industrie forestière, la pêche, l’énergie, l’industrie manufacturière fortement consommatrice de ressources, le recyclage, le bâtiment ou encore les transports.

The stakes for the Retail, Trade and Consumer sector

The advent of digital technology has revolutionized the consumer sector. New professions linked to data, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, e-commerce and cybersecurity have emerged. This makes it essential for companies to recruit talent capable of navigating this digital environment.

Today’s consumer is better informed, more demanding and expects a personalized experience. As a result, new professions such as customer experience director, customer journey specialist or customer engagement manager are increasingly sought after.

Faced with the urgency of climate change, companies in the consumer sector are looking to recruit profiles skilled in sustainable development, the circular economy and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The world of consumer goods is therefore in a state of flux.

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