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Entities such as large multinationals, growing companies, startups, private equity and venture capital funds are faced with the rise of new technologies and digital. This forces them to innovate and adapt in a constantly changing environment. 

Since its creation, FITCH BENNETT Partners has been advising and supporting companies in the new technologies sector in their development in France and abroad, by identifying the expert profiles and key managers who will drive their growth.

Les enjeux des métiers verts et notre expertise dans le recrutement RSE

Avec l’essor de l’économie verte, des secteurs stratégiques vont connaître une transformation importante dans leur organisation et dans leurs métiers (source Organisation internationale du travail). 

Prenons pour exemple : l’agriculture, l’industrie forestière, la pêche, l’énergie, l’industrie manufacturière fortement consommatrice de ressources, le recyclage, le bâtiment ou encore les transports.

The stakes in the IT sector and our expertise

It is having a major impact on all business sectors, with the emergence of new growth drivers. With more and more start-ups, growing needs in technology consulting and expert recruitment, the high-tech sector is facing intense competition for talent. 

New technology companies are increasingly aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion in stimulating innovation and improving performance, by recruiting experts and managers from all over the world with more than just technical mastery, a solid understanding of the market and sales dynamics.

Finally, the advent of new technologies will generate a profound transformation in the organization of customer companies and their businesses over the next few years. Companies will have to adapt to these technological challenges by adopting agile, decentralized team structures, and emphasizing a culture of innovation, continuous training and diversity.

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