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In a VICA (Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment, shareholders have growing expectations regarding the role of finance departments in steering corporate performance. They are no longer perceived as mere back-office functions focused on compliance and control, but are positioned as strategic partners in the company’s overall growth and performance.

FITCH BENNETT Partners supports corporate finance in recruiting the new financial profiles of tomorrow, both in France and abroad, and in coaching them on the transformations they need to carry out. We also provide company directors with interim managers experienced in these corporate functions, to help them develop their competitive edge.

Les enjeux des métiers verts et notre expertise dans le recrutement RSE

Avec l’essor de l’économie verte, des secteurs stratégiques vont connaître une transformation importante dans leur organisation et dans leurs métiers (source Organisation internationale du travail). 

Prenons pour exemple : l’agriculture, l’industrie forestière, la pêche, l’énergie, l’industrie manufacturière fortement consommatrice de ressources, le recyclage, le bâtiment ou encore les transports.

The stakes of the private equity sector and our expertise

Shareholders expect finance managers to be proactively involved in corporate strategy, using their expertise to identify opportunities for growth and performance, while assessing financial risks. While corporate finance continues to ensure clear, transparent and regular communication of the company’s financial performance, they must now integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns into their financial planning and strategies.

Lastly, finance departments will reinforce emerging technologies, such as digitization, artificial intelligence and automation, to improve their efficiency and provide more accurate and strategic analyses, with the emergence of new business lines.

Practices covered by our professionals specializing in Corporate Finance

Group CFO

General secretary

Chief Financial Officer Business units, joint ventures, subsidiaries

Strategy, M&A, Corporate Development Director

Digital Financial Transformation Director

Financial Control / FP&A Director

Financing and Treasury Director

Internal Audit Director

Accounting / Consolidation / Reporting Director

Financial Communications / Investor Relations Director

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