Recruitment firm for Executive Managers and Corporate Functions

In a rapidly changing business and technology environment, corporate functions must reinvent themselves to meet future challenges. This transformation could have a decisive influence on the success of companies, and will influence the search for and selection of future business leaders. 

FITCH BENNETT Partners assists corporate management teams to recruit the new leaders of tomorrow, both in France and abroad, to develop their collective performance and to coach them in the managerial transition to be carried out. Fitch Bennett Partners also provides corporate executives with experienced interim managers to develop their competitiveness.

Les enjeux des métiers verts et notre expertise dans le recrutement RSE

Avec l’essor de l’économie verte, des secteurs stratégiques vont connaître une transformation importante dans leur organisation et dans leurs métiers (source Organisation internationale du travail). 

Prenons pour exemple : l’agriculture, l’industrie forestière, la pêche, l’énergie, l’industrie manufacturière fortement consommatrice de ressources, le recyclage, le bâtiment ou encore les transports.

The stakes for executive managers

The need for greater agility and flexibility in a context of accelerating change should lead to an evolution in organizational structures, favoring collaborative and innovative teamwork.

Tomorrow’s corporate functions will be very different from those of today. They will need to adapt rapidly to changing trends, and play a key role in steering innovation and change within companies.

Practices covered by our professionals specializing in Corporate Functions

General management

Management of business units, subsidiaries, countries

Legal and tax management

CSR Department

Information Systems Management

Organization Management

Transformation Management

Human resources management

Purchasing / Supply chain Management

Communication Management

General secretary

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