wines and spirits

Executive search firm by direct approach, Fitch Bennett Partners has a dual Skills Hunter and Career Builder approach, offering a methodology adapted to the companies that mandate us and an accompaniment adapted to the candidates we approach.


Executive Search firm by direct approach specialized in the field of Wines, Spirits and Champagne.


Our partners, having exercised operational management responsibilities in France and internationally in the world of wines and spirits, proceed with maximum insight, discretion, technique and argumentation, in order to convince a candidate who is not in search or on active watch.

The direct approach is indispensable and selective in cases where potential candidates are not numerous or highly solicited.


The direct approach allows to target corporate managers and senior executives, but also specialized professions characterized by a specific or rare expertise on the job market.


Executive search firm by direct approach, Fitch Bennett Partners responds to the challenges of the Wines, Spirits and Champagne Houses in recruiting for key positions in France and abroad.


Fitch Bennett Partners therefore intervenes on the hidden market. Our research team masters the scenarios of direct approach of candidates in position and in professional repositioning. Fitch Bennett Partners they have at their disposal modern sourcing tools to master the knowledge of an ecosystem, its topicality, the companies that make it up, their organization charts, target profiles and career paths.


The positions achieved:

General Management: Managing Director, CEO, General Secretary, Business Unit Director, Country Manager, Subsidiary Director,

Oenology and vineyards: Cellar manager, innovation management, estate management, operating management, vineyard management.


Marketing: Marketing and Communication VP, Marketing Director, Communication Director, Communications Management, Press and Public Relations Director, Marketing Group Manager, Marketing Research Director, Brand Manager,


Commercial: Commercial VP, Sales Director, Business Developer, Key Account Manager, BtoC Director, BtoB Director, Network Director, Customer Director, Partnership Manager, Business Engineer, Channel Manager,


Digital: Digital Director, Chief Digital Officer, Traffic Manager, Monetization Manager,


Technical: CTO, CIO, IT Project Manager,


Customer Relationship: Customer Service Director, Call Center Manager, Customer Strategy Manager.


Finance: Administrative and Financial Director, Management Controller, Consolidator, Credit Manager, Administrative and Financial Manager, Accounting Manager.


Human Resources: HR VP, HR Director, Recruitment Director, Talent Development Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Training Director, HRIS Manager.


Industry: Industrial Strategy Director, Industrial Director, Factory Director, Quality Director, Methods Director, Maintenance Manager, Autonomous Production Unit Manager.


Supply Chain: Supply Chain Director, Logistics Manager, Research Project Manager.


Purchasing: Sourcing VP, Purchasing Director, Regional Commodity Manager, Segment Leader, SQA Manager.


Our understanding of organizational, economic and intercultural issues, our proximity to decision-makers.

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