The observation of industrial developments.


The last decade has seen radical changes in the industry, from advanced automation to the data revolution from connected devices. Indeed, the connected factory based on “intelligent” systems implies a new mode of organization and gives rise to new economic, organizational and human challenges.


Major companies are ahead of the average of French industrial companies: a large majority of them already have an Industry of the Future roadmap and a dedicated management system.


Industrial history will remember that the formalization of the concept of Industry of the Future was born in Germany under the title “Industry 4.0” from a desire to bring the German machine tool industry up to the top of the range in the face of the threat of Asian competition.


But with the gradual growth of GAFA, industrial data processing and the acceleration of innovation, the concept has taken on a whole new dimension.

The avalanche of new technologies that has occurred in recent years has indeed a significant potential for transforming and improving the performance of industry, which would make the hypothesis of a re-industrialization in France and Europe credible once again.


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Sectors of activity.

General Management: General Manager, Country Manager, Subsidiary Director, Business Unit Director, Strategy Director, International Development Director, Program Director, Transformation Director, R&D Director, …


Marketing and Communication: Marketing Director, Communication Director, Innovation Director, Product Innovation Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager/Marketing Group Manager, Category Management, Trade-Marketing Manager


Commercial: Commercial Director, Practice Director, Export Director, Business Development Manager, Aera Manager, Sales National Director, Regional Director, Network Director, Brand Director, Flagship Manager, E-trade Director, E-trade Manager…


Industrial positions: Operations Director, Site Director, Industrial Director, Technical Director, Supply Chain Director, Purchasing Director, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Control Manager, HSE Manager, Production Manager, Project Director, etc.


Support positions: Chief Financial Officer, Controlling Director, Human Resources Director, Information Systems and Digital Director, Legal and Compliance Director, etc.

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