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Keep up with recruitment trends Q1 2024 in Germany

In Germany, the unemployment rate among senior executives is generally low, hovering around 1-2% according to data from the German Federal Employment Institute (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). An astonishing figure in the midst of the economic crisis, but one that once again underlines the fact that the job market is in constant movement. Let’s take a look at how and look ahead to 2024.

Press release - Fitch Bennett Partners announces new partner : Bernard Le Chevalier

Fitch Bennett Partners, a recruitment consultancy specializing in Executive Search, Transition Management and Career Management, is pleased to welcome a new Partner, Bernard LE CHEVALIER, to strengthen its development.

The 7 essential qualities of a successful interim manager: the ideal profile for successfully managing change

An interim manager must be able to take the reins in times of change and lead the company towards new horizons. This seasoned professional must provide expert and rapid management to companies facing new challenges. In this article, we explore the essential qualities of an accomplished interim manager, and the profile required to excel in this demanding role.

How do you choose the ideal transition manager ?

In today’s dynamic business world, companies are often faced with unforeseen challenges that require additional expertise to overcome successfully. That’s where transition managers come in. These experienced professionals meet a need for responsiveness and flexibility. As management experts, they are ready to take on temporary challenges and guide your company to new heights. On one condition: that you find the right person.

PRESS RELEASE - Fitch Bennett Partners announces its partnership with Mallory Partners

Fitch Bennett Partners is pleased to announce its partnership in the United Kingdom with Mallory Partners, represented by its two founders Jeremy Purkis and Martin Luise.

PRESS RELEASE - Fitch Bennett Partners announces its partnership with Blackbull International

Fitch Bennett Partners is pleased to announce its partnership in Germany with Blackbull International, represented by its two founders Sven Herget et Fatih Ayar.

Welcoming the transition manager: a step to be taken with care

Companies are increasingly turning to transition managers. The transition manager comes in temporarily to support a company, generally in the context of a transformation. Much more than a simple formality, welcoming the transition manager is a step that should not be overlooked. Fitch Bennett Partners gives you 5 tips to ensure that this professional gets off to a good start.

AI and recruitment : How artificial intelligence is redefining the recruitment and human resources world

The spectacular rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has spawned revolutionary technological advances in many fields… including human resources, which is at the heart of a profound transformation. AI is gradually reshaping the way HR recruits, and how leaders manage and develop talent. This innovation is having a major impact on the way companies operate.

Careers of the future 2030 : Focus on the jobs of tomorrow and how to recruit them

The acceleration of technological and process innovations is driving the labor market forward, and we are witnessing the emergence of new jobs. The world of work, in which different sectors and industries are constantly innovating and reinventing themselves, is forcing companies to recruit candidates with highly specific skills and expertise. But what will these new professions of the future look like by 2030? Fitch Bennett Partners explains.

How to manage general turnover in management comittees ?

Over the next few years, we are going to see several transitions in management and executive committees (ExCom and DirCom), particularly in very small companies. Long-standing strategies, business growth, managerial succession and business transformation are leading many companies to opt for generational renewal of the ExCom and DirCom. This reshuffle must be controlled so that the company does not suffer negative consequences. How can it be avoided? Let Fitch Bennett Partners bring you its vision.

Pharmaceutical and health sector under pressure: how to recruit in the face of a lack of attractiveness?

With a global turnover of 63.1 billion euros in 2021, the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector are a heavyweight in the French economy. However, despite these figures, this sector is struggling to recruit relevant candidates because it is cruelly lacking in attractiveness. So how can we explain this lack of interest and give professionals in this industry a new lease on life? Let’s decipher.

Digital sector : its expansion continues and confirms that it is a sector of the future

+7.4% is the estimated growth of the digital sector in 2022, according to Numeum, last July. This professional organization of the digital ecosystem in France has also published a report where it revises these figures upwards in its latest assessment in December, bringing this figure to +7.5%. A steady increase that shows the meteoric expansion of the digital sector. The opportunity for Fitch Bennett Partners to bring its expertise and analyze this figure.

Onboarding process : How to successfully integrate new employees?

As a key role in the engagement and retention of its executives, the onboarding of new talents is an important moment for a company. More than just saying “welcome”, professionals often speak of the “onboarding process”, which implies that every new employee will be entitled to a precise sequence of operations in order to have a certain level of information to carry out his or her new tasks properly. How can this be done successfully? Let’s find out!

Changes in your company : when and why call on an interim manager ?

The last few years have been affected by multiple disruptions: economical, sanitary or even social ones. An upheaval for many companies which are now facing major structural and organizational issues induced by these crisis. Have you too felt the need to make a change in your structure? But where to start? The interim manager is there to help you.

Recruitment trends Q3 2022

In a difficult economic context, executive employment in 2022’s third quarter continues to be dynamic in the private sector in France. It increased by 0.4% in the third quarter, which means 89,400 additional jobs compared to the end of June, according to Insee forecasts.

Talent retention : how to retain employees and reduce turnover ?

The working world is always improving. From Taylorism* to today’s “War for Talent” movement, our society and its economic model are evolving and transforming everyday. In order to avoid the consequences of these changes and to turn this evolution into a deep core growth, companies must think about a strategy for recruiting and retaining talent. But then, as a business owner, how can you avoid your employees leaving? Fitch Bennett Partners has some answers for you.

Developing your employer brand, a major challenge to attract and retain talents

The tensions in the recruitment market for “top manager” profiles, resulting from a mismatch between the reciprocal expectations of supply (company) and demand (candidate), made it inevitable for companies wishing to attract talented women and men to ensure the quality of their “employer brand”. This strategy consists in creating an attractive image for the company itself in order to encourage partners, clients, employees and talent to want to work for the enterprise. But the question is… How can companies develop a strong and sustainable employer brand to attract new talents?

Headhunter, the expert of recruitment who whispers to leaders

In a market in which recruitment is very competitive, it is increasingly difficult to identify and attract the right profile in perfect adequacy with the proposed position. Between the long delays in processing applications, the inappropriate profiles for the mission and the multiplication of ads beyond social networks, with mixed results, managers are struggling to strengthen their organization of key profiles. To curb these situations, trusting the advice of a headhunter can save a lot of time. But how to choose the headhunter who will make the difference? Our experts answer.

Start-ups and scale-ups : how to support them in the recruitment of their COMEX ?

Faced with competition in the start-up and scale-up ecosystem and the rapid emergence in France of so-called “unicorns” (companies valued at more than 1 billion euros – there are 25 of them, 23 of which are active in France after the IPOs of OVH and Deezer) and their massive need to recruit specialized expertise in a timeframe that defies all competition.

From overbooked CEO to slow leadership

From the overwhelmed CEO to Slow Leadership, the way to handle situations from a crisis environment.

Recruitment trends for the first semester of 2022

Recruitment Trend Analysis. The second quarter of 2022 confirms our analysis of companies’ hiring outlook in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VICA) environment.

Feminization of boards: towards a better professional equality between men and women in French boards of directors ?

In 2022, are positions of responsibility still given based on the gender of candidates? Not so sure! An improvement in professional equality has clearly emerged in boards of directors since 2011, with the enactment of the Copé-Zimmerman law.

Recruitment trends : a dynamic first quarter of 2022

This first quarter of 2022 confirms the dynamics of the job market initiated in 2021. In this context, companies are facing strong competition on the search for talented men and women which is becoming a key issue in all organizations.

War for talent: how to attract the best candidates to your company?

This difficulty in recruiting and retaining candidates is particularly tangible in digital, high-tech and sales jobs, where offers are multiplying. During the Covid-19 period, many companies realized the importance of prospecting and being part of the digitization. These companies, no longer wishing to subcontract, even massively hired professionals to carry their digital projects in-house. “Many employees now carry out their activity from work, in remote work.

The 5-year challenges of the New Economy and the professional opportunities to seize.

The startup, scaleup and unicorn eco-system: 224,000 jobs are expected to be created between 2020 and 2025 – one of the leading sectors that create private jobs in France.

For every direct job created by start-ups, 5.2 indirect jobs are created – compared to an average of 1.4 for industrial enterprises in France.

What are the strategic decisions made by leaders to carry out the major transformations to come?

With globalization, increasingly fierce competition and the global health crisis, companies in particular are facing new challenges.

As far as companies are concerned, in order to remain competitive and become number one on the market, companies must review some important points, adapt, adjust their vision and their approach to the major changes to come.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this article: the strategic decisions that leaders need to make.