Corporate governance in the spotlight!  

At a time when corporate governance is more than ever in the spotlight, Fitch Bennett Partners, in collaboration with Top Management France, took the initiative of bringing together a distinguished panel of 40 executives for a morning of enriching debate and exchange. We are delighted to present the video of this landmark event.

Building a solid corporate governance is not a matter of improvisation. It’s a meticulous process that encompasses the development of strategies, the application of rigorous procedures, the guarantee of financial transparency, the establishment of effective communication and the deep integration of corporate culture. These fundamental pillars, although often put to the background in times of prosperity, are crucial to maintaining stability and performance, particularly in a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.)

The question of how to structure efficient governance remains paramount: Is there a universal model, or must each company forge its own path? How can companies align governance and performance to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

The morning session brilliantly addressed these issues, drawing on the perspectives and experiences of our renowned speakers, including Eric Pellerin, Managing Director France at Mitsubishi Electric, and Stanislas de QUERCIZE, former CEO International at Cartier and current Chairman of Savih, and moderated by Laurent Nocca, Managing Director of Top Management. 

The discussions provided an opportunity to:

  • Explore the foundations and best practices of effective board governance,
  • Anticipate future needs and challenges, while outlining key strategies for governance aligned with performance,
  • Discover innovative solutions and new approaches to management, essential to building a high-performance board.

Our sincere thanks to all participants.

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