Recruitment trends Q3 2022


Hiring are increasing in the third quarter

In a difficult economic context, executive employment in 2022’s third quarter continues to be dynamic in the private sector in France. It increased by 0.4% in the third quarter, which means 89,400 additional jobs compared to the end of June, according to Insee forecasts.


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For the fourth quarter, hiring forecasts for executives seem to be on the right track despite macroeconomic concerns. The current recruitment momentum driven by large companies and SMEs is approaching the record level of 2019.


Strong competition from companies for talent with new requirements


Companies continue to focus on attracting and retaining talents, thus fuelling recruitment tensions. These tensions are also fueled by executives’ new expectations from the company. According to Apec, 66% consider that they need to improve their salary. 45% want to improve their well-being at work while 42% want to improve their work/life balance. Finally, the number of executives considering changing companies within three months is still as high as in previous quarters. This context is driving companies not only to recruit new talents to create value, but also to re-evaluate and reorganize their internal policies to retain them.


The need to recruit and prepare talent for an uncertain future


Our experience shows that one of the most important decisions a company can make is selecting and preparing talents for the most critical leadership positions in their organization. The need to find the best talent for key positions will only increase as companies navigate a highly uncertain future. Taking a strategic approach to identify the company’s strengths, alignment, opportunities, and barriers to execution will be critical going forward. Success of the company will depend on a successful management transition. How far along are you in your management transition?


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Jacques-Louis SOUBIROUS

Founding PARTNER

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