Welcoming the transition manager: a step to be taken with care

Companies are increasingly turning themselves to transition managers. The transition manager comes in temporarily to support a company, mainly because of an incoming transformation. Much more than a simple formality, welcoming a transition manager is a step that should not be overlooked. Fitch Bennett Partners gives you 5 tips to ensure that this professional gets off to a good start.

As soon as they arrive, transition managers face a major challenge: getting to grips with their assignment so that they can get up and running as quickly as possible. For its part, the company has little time to organise itself between the selection of the transition manager and the start date. This short period is decisive in enabling the transition manager to start the assignment in good conditions. So how do you get the onboarding right? Aymeric Bouffard, transition management expert at Fitch Bennett Partners, offers you his advice…

Preparing for your arrival

The key to a good reception is careful preparation. Before the transition manager arrives, make sure you provide him with all the information he needs to get off to a good start, as well as a pleasant workspace. A combination of content and comfort will ensure a solid and pleasant start from day one.
The necessary information includes a full briefing on the company, how it works, its challenges and its objectives. Understanding the context in which they are working will enable them to get down to work quickly.


Keep your staff informed

Transparent communication is an essential part of welcoming the transition manager. Inform existing employees about the manager’s specific role, his temporary mandate and the reasons for his presence. This will allay any fears about change and encourage smooth collaboration. For example, it is important to reassure employees that the arrival of a transition manager is not intended to replace them but to support and work with them.


Provide access to key tools and information

Nothing hampers an transition manager’s productivity more than a lack of access to the necessary tools and resources. Make sure that all financial data, management tools, activity reports and performance reports are accessible from day one. A smooth transition is the key to a fast and efficient start.


Organise your first week

Communication is the key to good collaboration between the team and the transition manager. That’s why it’s important to plan meetings with the people who are important to the smooth running of the assignment when they arrive. This immersion makes it easier for the transition manager to settle in and quickly grasp the operational challenges.


Regular follow-up

Welcoming the transition manager is not just about the first week. Maintaining a regular follow-up to assess progress, resolve any problems and adjust priorities is necessary. Ongoing communication guarantees a fruitful collaboration and agile adaptation to the company’s changing needs.

By following these few tips, you’ll be able to give your transition manager the best possible welcome and enable him or her to carry out the assignment in the best possible conditions.



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