Changes in your company: when and why call on an interim manager?

Faire appel à un transition management : son rôle et ses avantages

The last few years have been affected by multiple disruptions: economical, sanitary or even social ones. An upheaval for many companies which are now facing major structural and organizational issues induced by these crisis. Have you too felt the need to make a change in your structure? But where to start? The interim manager is there to help you.

The role of the interim manager is to lead a company or one of its departments for a specific period of time. Most of the time, when a company calls upon this external professional, there is an emergency situation. Thanks to his skills and experience, the interim manager takes on a well-defined role and acts quickly to help the company pass a milestone.


In which cases should an interim manager be called in?

Very different contexts can justify the use of an interim manager; but all of them require a quick reaction.


A managerial emergency

When a dismissal, a resignation or a transfer occurs, it is necessary to act quickly to replace the current manager. In order to be able to recruit serenely and not to slow down the activity of the company, the leaders can solicit an interim manager. The latter will take over the vacant position and assume the responsibilities entrusted to him. He brings his expertise and defines the priorities in the interest of the company. In addition, he will also be able to provide his advice in the recruitment of a successor to the position.


A turnaround or recovery of the company

In case of financial difficulties, the leaders of a company can call upon an interim manager to help them during a turnaround or recovery of their company. The intervention of an expert experienced in this type of situation can help preserve the business and jobs but it is important to intervene quickly. The interim manager, who in this context is a crisis manager, will then be able to make the best decisions and build a new strategy according to the short, medium and long term objectives.

On the other hand, companies can resort to interim management when they need to temporarily acquire a very specific expertise.


For an organizational change

Qualified to lead an organizational change, the interim manager will be able to help review the structure of a company in depth and instill a new dynamic. Here, the transformations are made around the human factor to increase performance. It will be necessary to involve the employees, real pillars of the company, so that they themselves become actors of the change.


In case of a merger or acquisition (M&A) of a new company

In the course of its evolution, a company may grow by acquisition or merge with another entity. Such an operation is not to be taken lightly. Using an interim manager will help structure and facilitate the operations. He will help you steer the integration of the target and simplify the synergies.


What are the advantages for companies?

As you will have understood, an interim manager brings his expertise and experience to support executives over a set period of time in the management of their projects caused by changes or restructuring within their company.

The world is inevitably changing and transformations are going ever faster. Managers, focused and often overwhelmed by their work, can miss out on innovations or changes that are vital to their company. The interim manager brings this advantage: he helps them to adapt and transform themselves. 

In addition to offering a fresh vision of the world, this seasoned professional brings with him his professional expertise, often with more than twenty years of experience. Unlike a consultant, who builds a strategic plan, an interim manager thinks about a strategy but also deploys it. He or she therefore has this dual role of strategic and operational manager.


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