Headhunter, the expert of recruitment who whispers to leaders

In a market in which recruitment is very competitive, it is increasingly difficult to identify and attract the right profile in perfect adequacy with the proposed position. Between the long delays in processing applications, the inappropriate profiles for the mission and the multiplication of ads beyond social networks, with mixed results, managers are struggling to strengthen their organization of key profiles. To curb these situations, trusting the advice of a headhunter can save a lot of time. But how to choose the headhunter who will make the difference? Our experts answer.

A recruitment consultant, commonly called “headhunter”, is in charge of approaching high value-added talents to support the development of your organization. As the manager’s right-hand man, he defines the recruitment’s objectives and advises the manager to find the perfect match for the job. Professional and personal qualities, soft skills, detailed knowledge of the business and leadership… He reviews the characteristics of the ideal candidate before starting his mission in order to get as close as possible to the company’s needs.


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Saving time is crucial when you are a business leader!

At a time where recruitment is highly competitive, the headhunter guarantees to meet people from his network of talented women and men previously identified and pre-qualified by him. But that’s not all! When it comes to recruiting the best profile, it is not enough to approach a person, it is also necessary to reinforce the attractiveness of your company: with the advice of a headhunter, ambassador of your brand and in charge of your mission.


But then… How do you select a headhunter?

This is a question that many of our clients have already asked themselves! The headhunter is not a magician and his choice should not be made by chance. His discretion, his selection, his ability to convince and his ability to penetrate closed networks to find the raw diamond who will be able to join your organization. In charge of your missions and mastering the culture and the stakes of your organization, the headhunter is able to meet the new requirements of candidates:

– Autonomy and responsibility

– Having a positive impact on society and the planet (RSE actions)

– A better quality of life at work (respect for professional and private life, working conditions…)

– A coherent “fair-value” between the investment, the role and the proposed salary…

As you can see, the headhunter, ambassador of your brand, must have the power of persuasion and the ability to present a coherent and challenging research project contacting by direct approach your future talents. The headhunter must be able to gather factual elements to advise and solve the recruitment needs of his clients. On the lookout for trends in the market, the headhunter monitors the competition for the benefit of his clients. He thus contributes to the growth of your company through his advice and results.



Why choose Fitch Bennett Partners as your headhunting firm?

Fitch Bennett Partners presents itself as a true partner and our experience shows a real know-how in the search, qualification and selection of profiles members of executive committees or management. Our partners in France and abroad are fully aware of the reality of their environment in terms of business issues, organizational transformation, consulting and the relevance of the profiles to be presented in an approach that is completely discreet and strictly confidential.


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